New Business Decision

Despite the obvious competition my decision to set up my own London based taxi company is proving to be a good one. I have always worked as a taxi driver but never as an independent operator so I decided to make the move and start my own business in April of last year.

I now have lots of regular customers and have recently secured two contracts; one for the staff who work at the local Bingo Hall and one for the Darlington escorts that are employed by a local dating agency.

These two contracts alone will generate enough revenue for me to be able to supply another car and driver in the area which is great news all round. They are only short term contracts but if we honour the conditions of the contracts they will be extended for an additional twelve months.

Pool In The Basement

I invited a couple of friends over last week to play pool in my basement. We all used to be on a pool league, and our work schedules interfere with our tournaments, so we stopped playing all together. We usually end up ordering a big party pizza and suck down a couple of cases a beer.

Last week was a little different than normal at my house because my friend brought over two Bristol escorts with him. They were so beautiful, friendly and outgoing! They knew how to play the game and joined right in with us. They had to leave at midnight because they had two appointments that were booked a week ahead of time. The one companion asked me for my number and told me that she was going to give me a call soon.

The Daring Decision

My work week has been absolutely awesome so far. I have already hit over time, I got a small but decent raise and I am invited to my boss’s house this weekend for dinner. My boss rarely invites people over to his house, so I felt on top of the world when the invitation was given. I still have not decided whether or not to call Kent escorts and get a date for the dinner. I am not sure if he just wants me there to talk to about work or if it is a friendly night where I can bring someone to accompany me. I just do not want to offend him by bringing someone along if he had plans to talk about work related issues. I am going to come to a decision by Thursday night, I just hope whatever one I make is suitable for my boss and his wife.

The Awesome Look

I went to the best bachelor party of my life last night. My buddy is getting married tomorrow so my friends and I rented a bunch of chicks from the escorts Nottingham has and threw one hell of a party for him. There was at least 50 people there, loud music, strippers and tons of adult beverages. I really don’t think he expected something this big, but he deserved it. He would give the shirt off of his back to anyone in need so we all figured he needed something worth remembering. I still will never forget the look on his face when he walked through the door and saw all the hot women standing in his house. It was priceless. I am so glad we did this, it made a very interesting memory for all of us.

What a Night

The after effects of last night is taking a toll on my body at this moment in time. I had called Brighton escorts for a date before leaving my house last night and made sure I brought extra money for drinks. I met my escort at a local bar where we talked, drank and danced for hours on end. After we went to the bar, we came back to my apartment where we consumed more drinks and laughed about all the older men sitting around the bar that night talking about their wives and ex’s. We seemingly had great conversations and I am guessing we stayed up talking until at least 3:00 A.M. this morning. It is now 9:00 A.M. and I am still lying in bed piecing together last nights events and the fun I had with my date.

A Complete Shocker

I set up a double date last week for this Friday, expecting that my date was still coming. But I thought completely wrong. Friday afternoon he called to tell me he was unavailable and that it would have to be put off until another time. But to me it was not doable. I have not seen my friend in almost a year and Friday was the only day she was coming to town. There was no way I was showing up alone when I would be the third wheel. Luckily for me Sheffield escorts was able to get a male escort for me in no time at all. The man that I had the date with actually made my evening much more interesting and exciting. He got along great with my friends and not once showed any sign of boredom, unlike most men. I was very pleased with my evening and believe I would be willing to try it again just for the fun of it.